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Why Elevation Road

Industry Innovators for 30+ Years

Being an entrepreneur sometimes runs in your blood. It certainly does for Steve who has 20 years experience as a vehicle second stage manufacturer. Although these vehicles are funeral coaches and first call vans, the same principles apply: put your customer first, and make sure your heart and soul goes into making a product that will last.

Seeing the world, traveling, and experiencing life have been priorities for Steve. This is what led him to dedicate 10 years of his life in the United States Air Force traveling as much as he could during the time given. Many years later, he and his wife Rachel took a 4200-mile road trip in twelve days throughout the west. This trip is what sparked years later his enthusiasm for van life and how much better the trip could have been.

Transferring the skills he already uses in his funeral coach business, it was a natural move to take that knowledge and apply it to converting van life camper vans. A lot of things are still the same, combining the highest level of professionalism with the excitement and freedom and adventure means that the products he delivers are of the highest quality in body and in spirit. Let the adventure begin!

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Our Team & Process

Skilled and Highly Experienced Craftsmen

We employ craftsman. They are skilled, talented individuals who bring a creativity and motivation to our business that makes it what it is. From professional upholsterers, electricians, skilled carpenters, automotive painters and assemblers; each one of them brings something great and diverse to the table. Your van is valuable and important to you. We want you to know that making it come to life and developing the very best product for you is equally important and valuable to us.

Our Mission & Vision

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To be leaders in innovation, creativity and customer satisfaction. To be established and well known in the industry for our highest quality build at the best possible price.